10 Useful Dating Tips

In general always trust your instincts. If something does not feel right with the person or situation, then end the communication or date immediately. Your safety is the highest priority and dating should always be a fun yet secure experience. You may consider some of the following precautions to make dating slightly less exciting, but there isn´t much enjoyment in dating dishonest or strange people either. These simple guidelines below will help you to ensure a fun and safe dating experience.

  1. Create an e-mail account with Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook or Gmail which you will only use for dating or when you are chatting online. Never use your personal or work email.
  2. Never give out personal information that would allow someone to identify you, unless you are absolutely sure who you are submitting the information to.
  3. You should immediately cease to communicate with dating profiles that seem determined to obtain personal information about you.
  4. Be aware of the following danger signs of a possible date: being asked numerous direct questions about yourself, inconsistencies in the submitted information about the other person, disrespectful comments, quick temper.
  5. Have multiple conversations over chat/phone with your potential date to help you in identifying any of the above signs of danger before you agree to meet face to face. If the person tries to push you into an “urgent date” you should consider finding somebody else with more patience instead.
  6. Do not give your home or work telephone number out. Use your cell phone or the chat function for initial conversations, preferably with a hidden number so that your name cannot be traced.
  7. When arranging your first date make sure that you both agree to meet in a public place with other people around, ie. a café or shopping mall. Never invite a new date directly to your private home.
  8. Always tell a friend or family member that you are out on the first date. You can also ask someone to call you during a specified time in order to check up that things are going well.
  9. Limit the amount of alcohol that you consume. Alcohol can lower your inhibitions and alter your judgment. Try not to leave your drink unattended either.
  10. It is your limits that need be respected with online dating and it is you who sets those limits. Please always contact us immediately if you encounter any illegal behaviour or requests.

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