4 reasons to date sporty singles

No matter how serious you are interested in sports, dating with sporty singles have a lot of advantages. Being fit is not just about defined muscles and body. It is also about keeping a healthy balance in your body. As Socrates said a long time ago “It is a shame for a woman to grow old without ever seeing the strength and beauty of which her body is capable”. This applies to men as well. A woman needs to feel that her man can protect her and her family and this is a very basic need towards men. Nowadays being strong is not only a desire of men but women also want to be strong and fit. Strong is the new skinny they say.

sporty singles

If you just take a look at the increasing popularity and expansion of Cross fitness, you get an idea that being fit and strong is pretty hot nowadays. Or just to see another example, the pole fitness is also something which makes women incredibly strong while giving sexy shapes for them. Not mentioning the happy faces if they prepare a private show for their boyfriend. So why should you date with fit singles?

1. Active singles are active in bed

It is not rocket science that fit people can perform better in bed. Since they are  fit they can do this fun activity longer, not mentioning how sexy is when a man can hold the woman in different positions. When you are strong and fit, you can try a lot of exciting sex positions and you don’t need to worry about your phisical limitations for example to afraid you can’t hold your girl in that particular pose. So it is not about just having sexy abs but to be strong and able to breathe while you are giving a show in your bedroom.

2. Sporty singles can live a healthier and longer life

You not only get fit and look better when you do sports often, but it is also good for your blood circulation and heart. When you don’t do sports too often, keeping it in a healthy range, it is really doing good for your health. Helps you to release stress and toxics while you are sweating. Makes your whole body and immune system more resistant and strong. Don’t forget to stretch the muscles and joint properly. It is not only important to warm up and relax your body properly before and after a sport activity but it will effect on your moving abilities in your elderly days.

Once you take a sport seriously -or just like to keep a healthier lifestyle and you add some sport activities into your life- you will pay attention on choosing healthy foods and nutrition as well. This is also a good advantage of sporty singles, they know how to choose healthy foods.

3. Fitness dating = fun sport activities together

When you date with a like-minded sporty person you can choose between a lot of healthy sport activities for the scene of a date. Doing a little biking tour with a picnic in a nice area can create a romantic and great vibe between you too. Horse-riding on the beach oohh, sounds really good. In case you can’t find a horse and there is no beach, still a lot of sporty activities you can discover wherever you live. Ask what is she like doing, what kind of sport she does and maybe you are into the same sport or you will discover something new which you have never heard about. Like hockey under the water. Running together also help you to build the relationship, especially if you go that far to do a running competition together. The hard work which you do together and pulling each other through the threshold under the competition will definitely strengthen your relationship.

4. Sporty people motivate you to do sports

If you just go to the gym once in a while but you like fit shapes you will be definitely motivated what results can a serious workout can bring. And this is not something others can do and you not, no. When you do a sport properly the result will come for sure. In order to avoid disappointments you should do some research online but better to hire a trainer at the gym or go to a dedicated class lead by trainers. There is no better motivation than seeing the results on another person, except when you start to see it on yourself. Anyone can turn into a sporty woman or man. It is only about dedication.

When you are too shy to get in touch with people in the gym but still interested to find someone who can be your partner in doing sport, sporty online dating is the right platform for you. In this online dating website you can meet with other like-minded sporty singles who are interested in a healthy and sporty life. In case online dating is new for you you can check our post about online dating tips. If you want to find sporty singles, register now and start dating.