5 Worst Ideas For A First Date

First date is all about you trying to know each other better and to see if there is a connection between you two. So, don’t underestimate the importance of literally anything during your first date: the way you dress, what you talk about and, of course, where you meet and what you do. Here we have collected 5 absolute “no-no’s” in terms of first date ideas. Check them out and try to avoid them at all costs.

1. Invite as a Date to a Wedding

Nobody wants to go to a weeding alone (especially it is very hard for single girls over 30), but to bring a total stranger as your date is also a bad idea. Maybe you have spent a lot of hours chatting on your mobile phone to each other and you might have an idea that you know everything about this person. Still, you don’t know how your date will act in public. Are you sure that your date won’t hit on other people in front of you? Also, you never know how a few glasses of champagne will affect this person. What you gonna do if your date suddenly starts naughty dancing on a table? Just a thought. So, it is always better to meet somewhere where you can be alone with each other first and find out what the person is like. And if you really enjoyed the other person a lot, then you can go to a wedding together.

young couple on a first date in a park with flowers

2. Going Shopping

Going shopping on your first date, really? This is something you could do with your best friend who knows and appreciates your fashion taste. Otherwise, if you two have completely different shops you usually go to, someone will definitely be bored. Also, the shopping malls are always very crowded and noisy. Even if you decide to have a coffee there, chances are you will be constantly distracted, which will negatively affect your first date experience. So, trust us, going shopping on your first date is not a good idea at all. Leave this activity for later, when you know each other better and could both enjoy it.

3. First Date At Nightclub or Bar

Although a lot of people have met their soulmates in a bar or a nightclub, we still consider it to be a bad idea for a first date. Mainly because you are surrounded by a constant distraction in a form of other attractive and sexy girls or guys. Not to mention the loud music which makes chatting and getting to know each other impossible. And also don’t forget about the alcohol, which makes you act more relaxed and can definitely affect your judgement. So, our suggestion would be to meet somewhere more quieter and make sure that you can control your alcohol intake.

young couple on a first date at a night club with cocktails

4. First Date At Home

What is even more important on the first date in addition to the way you look and what you talk about is your safety. You don’t know this other person and you need to make sure you think about your safety. So, never agree to meet at someone else’s house on your first date and of course don’t invite complete strangers to your house. Even though you chatted previously online for a long time and you feel like you know everything about this person, you never know for sure if anything the other person said was true. Just to be on the safe side, make sure your first date happens in a public place.

5. Double Date

Everyone feels a little bit nervous on a first date, so you might think that having your friend and his girlfriend there will take an edge off, right? Wrong! Leave your first date just for two of you. And after you had a few dates and feel like you want to introduce your date to your friends, then it will be a great idea to have a double date. But not until you know the other person good enough.

We wish you to have an amazing first date! And if you haven’t found a person to go on a date with, just register on DateMeNow and you will definitely meet someone special there.