First Date Outfit Ideas for Men

Congratulations! You have finally found the girl of your dreams who agreed to go out on a first date with you! Now the most important thing is to not ruin your chances of having a great time by wearing something awful. Most probably your date will spend a lot of time preparing for your first date, carefully selecting her outfit. And of course she will expect the same from you. So, better don’t disappoint your girl and make an effort to look your absolute best. Choose your first date outfit wisely, you know that there is only one chance to leave a great first impression, right? But don’t stress out too much if you completely don’t know what to wear, we’ve got you covered. Check out our useful and visual suggestions on what you could wear depending on where you decide to go on your first date.

1. Bowling Date

Going out to play bowling on your first date is always a good idea. You are almost guaranteed to have a great time, but most importantly you will be able to find out a lot about your date in a very casual and relaxed atmosphere. Is she too competitive? Does she know how to lose gracefully?

a man wearing black leather jacket for first date
1. Leather Jacket 2. Shoes 3. Watch 4. Bracelet

2. Art Gallery Date

You both love the art scene? When you have definitely found the right girl for you. Dress accordingly and be prepared for the sparks.

guy wearing light orange blazer to a firs date
1. Blazer 2. Watch 3. Shoes

3. Movies and Dinner Date

This is a first date classic. Make sure you pick the movie that you both could enjoy and dress smartly. A flattering shirt and a pair of trousers will make a perfect outfit for this kind of date night.

black shirt and trousers outfit idea for first date for men
1. Shirt 2. Trousers 3. Cuff links 4. Shoes 5. Watch

4. Casual Coffee Date

Don’t want to feel the pressure of the official first date? Just go out for coffee in the nearest cafe and see how it goes. This is the most relaxing and casual way to meet new person and have a great time. When you just going out for coffee during lunch hours, there is no need to dress up. Just wear something to be comfortable yet confident.

wearing casual clothes to the first date for men
1. Sweater 2. Shoes 3. Watch

5. Fancy Dinner Date

Going out to the most expensive and fancy restaurant in your area on a first date will definitely show that you are not cheap. Which is always a good start. But you can always take it up a notch and “wow” her by wearing a suit. Girls are always fascinated by men in suits, so use it to your advantage. Remember Barney from “How I Met Your Mother”? He has a point when he is so obsessed with wearing suits. Don’t you agree, guys? And yes, don’t forget about shoes. Make sure you wear a pair of black or dark brown dress shoes with your suit.

wearing a suite for a first date for a man
1. Suit 2. Watch 3. Shoes

We hope that you now have a better idea about what to wear on your first date. Here are a few more things to remember:

- Shower and shave/trim directly before dressing up;
- Trim your nails;
- Style your hair, but try to not overdo it with gel. Too much of styling products will make your hair look greasy;
- Put on your favorite cologne;
- Make sure that all your clothes are freshly laundered;
- Polish your shoes;
- Wear a pair of new socks;
- Don’t forget about fresh breath. Brush and floss your teeth before going out just to be on a safe side. Also make sure that you have mints in your pocket.

What do you think about our first date outfit ideas, guys? We hope that we have managed to provide you with as much information as possible to help you choose a perfect first date outfit.