Should Girls Invite Guys To The First Date?

So you have been chatting for a while now and it seems that you have a lot of things in common. Above all he is funny, interesting and his profile picture intrigues you. The only logical next step is to finally meet offline and see if you can connect in real life and take your relationship to the next level. So you wait for him to make a first move and invite you for a date. But somehow this thought never crosses his mind. What to do? Wait a little bit longer or act? Our suggestion is – do not wait or hesitate and ask him for a date now! There is a very substantial reason for this – don’t waste your precious time! Although he seems like a perfect guy, there is still a great chance that on a real date you won’t find him attractive. So, rather than spending even more time chatting to this guy while missing out on other potential dates, it is better to know for sure whether you have chemistry or not. And better to find out it sooner rather than later.

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Don’t be afraid of rejection. Now that you have finally decided to invite this guy to the first date, how to do it? What if he says no? First of all don’t think about rejection at this point. He seems like a nice guy, right? So the chances of him refusing to go out with you are very slim. And even if he says “no”, what do you have to lose? We already established that it is better to find out early whether your relationship has future or not. So don’t take the “no” too tragically. And of course, don’t try to pressure him to go out with you. This would be a very crazy thing to do. Also, don’t ask him to tell you why he doesn’t want to go on a date with you. Just accept it and move on. But most importantly don’t allow the bad experience or fear of rejection to stop you. Be afraid, but act anyway.

Be prepared. Before suggesting a date, decide where you want to go. Be ready to provide the details of the place and the best suitable times. If he still haven’t invited you for a date, chances are that he is just a little bit shy and indecisive. So you better be ready to be in charge of the situation.

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Stick to your decision. When he finally accepts to go on a date with you, do not stand him up. This means that when you ask him out, you won’t change your mind at the last minute and just won’t show up. Respect other people’s time.

Don’t drink. To have a drink to boost your confidence before a date is a definite no-no. Being a little bit tipsy won’t help your fair judgement of the guy and the situation. So try to find the way to be naturally confident without drinking.

Arrive to a date alone. The more, the merrier is a great statement, but not for the first date. Never arrive with someone else to your date. Chances are that the guy you are going to meet is super nervous anyway, so don’t make it worse by bringing your friend with you.

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So, here are just a few suggestions on whether you should take the initiative and invite a guy to the first date. And of course, how to do it properly :) We hope that you’ll find these tips helpful and you gonna have a great first date with the guy of your dreams!