The Online Dating Profile Clichés

Just like meeting morons in the real world seems a routine activity, finding some real unattractive clichés on online dating sites is also not new. In fact, it is more than obvious that you would meet these kinds of people and such personalities may make you laugh, make your day or even irritate you like hell. Most of the times, they remain the most unsuccessful people on the online dating websites. Read and see which people to avoid and how to correct similar mistakes you have made in your online dating profile.

online dating profile cliches and red smooch on the keyboard

The Needy Bee – They might be single or in a relationship that they don’t find fulfilling. They need someone who can listen to their endless bowing chatter and never judges them. They would immediately be impressed by you (or pretty much anyone for that reason) and would not mind clinging to you all the time. They would mostly start the chat themselves, compliment you like crazy and would always be dissatisfied with their lives. If you are a mother at heart who can handle the weakest and the neediest of all children, this is your type of a profile.

The Nerds and Geeks – They might have made a profile to get a sweetie or just to check if the website has any bugs that might need to be fixed. Either way, they have a lot of computer threads to talk about and never have time for discuss about anything. Girl nerds and geeks are really nice people to be with, but love? Umm… they get it when they want it. That’s it.

The Lover – This is a very common profile, just another guy or girl. They like music (oh! Please, they just like every song being played on MTV), they like sports (just enough to know the names of a few controversial players) and maybe nature, children, flowers, astronauts. They fall in love with everything in front of their eyes and this love is not supposed to last very long. They fall in love with you at the first sight and would start talking about having children together. Oops!

The Sex Maniac – Another common type of profile or personality cliché on dating sites. These people pretend to be all that you want and then fix a date so that you may land up on their bed later in the night. Don’t expect anything great the next morning. What starts with an innocent smile on a restaurant table may end up in a used condom lying on the floor the next day. They can be sweet people to know, they will always be great friends to you, no matter what. Some of them are also known to be great professional contacts. But at what price? You decide.

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The Pretty Plain Damsel – She is not the girl next door; she is one of the most typical ladies you can ever meet. She tries to look as vulnerable as she can be and follows the ideal of teen movies where the hunk chooses the little innocent babe. She camouflages her own identity behind this mask. She can turn out to be a real pain. Beware! If she is always too sweet, she might give you nasty diabetes for life.

Miss independent – She is hot, she has the best assets (natural or manmade!) and she earns more than you. She is single and is certainly looking for a partner in the world of online dating. However, she might not necessarily be looking for a long term partner. Their needs are different and they would rather prefer a partner who can enjoy going out and enjoy a few activities around town with her. Stop trying to show that you are needy. She might love PDAs at times, but doing it always is a strict no-no. If you want to be with her, better try to be an independent and confident man yourself.

The Romeo – He is a little different than the ‘Lover’ we talked about earlier. The Romeo has nothing to do with love and is obviously there to flirt. He does not mind flirting with your best friend or her sister and then her best friend and so on. Not really the commitment centric guys, but they are really great to talk to in the online dating world. They don’t mind complementing you a hundred times in a day as well. If you want a huge ego boost, then you can meet one of these Romeos on DateMeNow and see the difference. He will give you the benefits of 2 times the beauty treatments you pay thousands for in the salon.

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