The Perfect Online Dating Profile Picture For Women

“Don’t judge a person by their profile picture.” That’s one advice nobody in the online dating world seems to follow. No matter what they say, people will decide whether they want to date a person or not according to a person’s profile picture. So let’s face it, profile pictures are important if not everything. It is precisely the reason why so many people in today’s online dating world are hiring professional photographers just to get that perfect picture.

The Perfect Online Dating Profile Picture For Women

That profile picture may be the reason why you’ve been ignored on dating websites. You may be really pretty in the real world, but you’ve got to prove it in the virtual world as well. The lighting and the mirror aren’t reasons good enough for clicking a picture in the bathroom. Remember, not many people want to see the inside of your bathroom. Thus, the first thing to do is to find a background for your pictures. Normally, professionals use bright and vibrant ones. This is just one tip that may present you as more attractive online. There are several others.

Simplicity and Consistency

Remember, your profile picture is directly promoting you in the dating world. Photos with low resolution, blurry or dark edges do not make for a good profile picture. To present yourself as a consistent brand follow the rule of consistency with your profile pictures as well. Do not over pose. The world’s obsession with duck-faces is a result of over-posing. A natural smile is always the best expression one can wear. Once you have a good profile picture do not change it too often.

The Illusion Effect

No one is perfect, but one can always work to be perfect. Women with double chin should shoot from a slightly high angle to hide it. Putting your hands around your waist and keeping your fingers together will make an illusion of your legs being longer. Accentuate your best features. Try to figure out which side of your face is better. Wear an outfit which will help you look slimmer and help emphasize your best parts. Anything close to the camera will look bigger, so make sure where your arms are.

Beauty Tricks

Make up can make a serious difference. Many women have dark circles around their eyes which make them look way older than they really are. Thus, choosing the right concealer becomes very important. The concealer should not be too light. If you wear a concealer lighter than you skin tone then it would appear as if you have haloes around your eyes. You will have to make sure that it adjusts to your skin. False eyelashes may be a little too much in real life but they look gorgeous on camera. There are several other beauty tips which you can use to look drop dead gorgeous in photos.


Photoshop is one tool that makes online dating scene for women much easier. While it takes a lot of skills to change photos on Photoshop like a professional, there are still some really basic techniques that you can use. It comes to your aid when there is some unwanted visual information you don’t want everyone to see. The clone stamp and the heal brush are two of the best options to remove blemishes. You can even whiten your teeth or lighten up faces that are underexposed with the help of a few tools.
Now, it’s about time to put the theory into practice. Click some amazing pictures of yourself and update your DateMeNow Profile. Lastly, be confident and keep looking for that special someone.

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