The sexiest costumes for uniform dating

Are you into costumes and ready to try uniform dating? In the digital universe we are living in now, online dating has an ever-increasing popularity and has a lot to offer. Nowadays we not only can register to general online dating sites but we can also find several niche groups with various different interests. Do you have a sexy costume but you don’t have anyone to show it to? We know a place where you can meet with costume lovers. has a dedicated website called This site was created for people who like to wear costumes and who want to meet with other like-minded uniform lover people. Are you wondering what costume you should wear on your uniform date? We have prepared you a list which can help you to start.

uniform dating

The nurse costume

It’s mensall time favorite. It’s hard to understand where this fantasy is coming from, because most of the nurses in hospitals are not super models(or at least I haven’t realized there are hot women). However I have friends who had affairs with nurses while they were actually injured and stayed in a hospital. I can understand that for a man it is tempting to see a beautiful woman in a nurse role as if you think about it for a sec they have to be clever, but they are not considered as serious as doctors (and we know men doesn’t prefer too strong or too clever women) and they have to be able to care for others because otherwise they wouldn’t like their job.

Police woman uniform

The police woman, the strong and sexy who is in charge and tells the man what to do. Use the handcuffs on your date to show who is leading the situation there and if he is not acting as a good boy you can punish him a little bit. Guys who like strong and powerful women will enjoy this act for sure – especially if you please them while they are in handcuff and unable to protect themselves against the “pleasure” you can give.

FBI agent

One step more secretive. The agent who can’t involve you into the case and you only need to following orders.

Student girl uniform

Another costume which is very popular. Put your hair into the top of your head in two sides just like a cute little schoolgirl and choose a costume with a sexy mini skirt and stockings. The deep impact is guaranteed.

The nun

The untouchable saint who deep inside want you to entice her and give a sensual pleasure. Put your nun costume on and act like the good girl. Your uniform dating partner will do anything to seduce you.

Angel costume

If you have a sexy body or at least you are confident with it,let’s become a Victoria’s Secret model and put on those angel wings. Sexy lingerie and stocking with  angel wings. You are the statue of innocence and pure beauty who wants nothing but love and pure pleasure on this earth. Your uniform dating action can start on a public place (obviously without the costume) but you can have a roll play like you just arrived from heaven and you were looking for him. Once you are back in your (or his) apartment you can dress up and put those wings on and don’t forget to be on high heels.

The maid costume

Waiting for your uniform dating partner at home in a maid costume and act (for example your are cleaning the house) will turn on any man. Bow and go up in higher altitude to show what you are hiding under your skirt. Don’t let him touch you right away. Act that he is your boss and this is shouldn’t be happening, but put that naughty little smile and shyness on your face.

The harem girl

The Turkish Empire made the phenomenon of harems well known worldwide. Which man wouldn’t enjoy to be the sultan and have his favorite harem girl dancing and pleasing him all night? If you can do belly-dance or at least a few moves, you will have an overwhelming success and your sultan will be very happy.


Here we listed 8 hot choices of costumes you can wear at your date or to surprise your boyfriend. Thankfully the offers are endless and there are so many good costumes out there from which you can choose. In case you only need to have a date to enjoy them, go to a uniform dating site and meet with like-minded uniform singles. Are you new in online dating and need some advice? You can check our post about online dating tips to secure yourself a safe and joyful online dating experience. The possibilities of uniform dating are just waiting for you to discover them, don’t hesitate, put that sexy costume on!