What Should You Do After The First Date

We were talking a lot about what to wear in order to look good on the first date and now it is time to find out what should you do after you had amazing time. This moment when you said goodbye and went each your own way could be difficult for everyone. What should you do now? Did he/she liked me? Should you wait for the other person to call first? Should you call yourself? Do you even want to continue seeing this person? These are the questions you most probably ask yourself after you came home from your first date. So what would be the best thing to do now?

First of all don’t rush into anything. Take your time to evaluate the situation. Try to answer honestly to the following questions: Did you like this person? Did you have something in common? Would you be interested in finding out more about him/her? Of course, first date is not the time to decide whether you have met Mr or Ms Right, it is too early for that. Now you only need to be honest with yourself and realize whether you want to go on a second date with this person or it is better to not waste your time any further. We would not suggest you to continue dating the person just because you don’t have other options and not because you like him/her.

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If you decided that you really liked and want to find out more about your date, then you need to act. Try to find out if the other person liked you. Just play your date in your head and look for clues. Did she/he was flirting with you? Did she/he listened carefully to what you had to say? How long your first date lasted? How did it end? By analyzing these details you will most probably guess correctly whether the other person will be willing to see more of you.

When you think that your first date was a success and the other person most probably liked you, decide whether to call or send a text. Don’t approach your date through social media. It is still too early to ask to be added to their friend’s list.

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A lot of dating experts suggest that you wait 2-3 days before you call or contact the other person. They say that relationship needs space to breath and a day or two after your first date is a perfect time to think it over. But if you feel like calling the next day, go for it. Why wait and play games if you are sure that you had a connection with this person. Also, I would even suggest to send a text the same evening just to say: “Thank you for a wonderful evening!” There is nothing wrong in being friendly and appreciative.

When you’ll finally get around to that first call try to sound as relaxed and confident as possible. It is a good idea to rehearse what you want to say first to avoid stuttering and mumbling. Start conversation by saying what a wonderful time you had and listen to what he/she has to say. If the other person says that also had a good time, propose to have another date. Be prepared to give a specific suggestion of where you should go and what should you do. It is better to go somewhere quiet so you can chat in comfort, and get to know each other more.

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As your dates progress we suggest you to arrange an “activity date” for later, e.g., picnic in the park, walk on the beach, game of bowling. Do things that you would like to do together as a couple. Be creative while planning your different dates so you get to know each other in various situations.

What do you think about our suggestions? Do you find them helpful? Always have a wonderful and memorable dates!

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