Where do most beautiful women come from?

Beautiful women is not an objective topic and is not easy to describe. What makes you find in beautiful women can be varied in different countries. Well, said that, every country has attractive women. Still there are types of beautiful women who can be found in different cultures and countries, and we also know there are nations which are outstanding in the world in terms of the numbers of attractive female inhabitants they have and the male attention they receive.

Where do the most beautiful women come from?

In general, you can find that countries with a high number of immigrants and mixed origins end up with higher diversity and more interesting looks. That may also help to shape the best looking females and a good example for that is Brazil or Hungary. In Hungary you might get confused the first time you are visiting the country in terms of who is a local and who is a foreigner, as there are so many different types of people you can see, thanks the diversified neighbors, occupations and affects of its history.

When we are talking about beautiful girls on a worldwide scale, there are a few perceptions out there which we often see and hear about. For example Brazilians are well known about their well rounded and sexy bodies, Swedish girls are famous for being gorgeous, blondes with blue eyes and they are also recognized as being friendly. Their neighbor Denmark is also a strong competitor but somehow Swedish girls seem like topping them in all lists. Ukrainians and Russians are also commonly mentioned and they have a lot of well known models widely recognized in the world. Of course we have to think about South-American countries as well which are famous for their pretty women just like Venezuela. Venezuela is the country which gave us the most winners of Miss World so far. Shortly after Venezuela, the United Kingdom and India are the followers on the list. India is also ranking well in terms of women and they gave the world a lot of beautiful actresses just like Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra.

In case we take a look on the list of the highest paid models, we can find Adriana Lima on the top of the listings in 2013 and she – not a surprise- happens to be Brazilian. Tyra Banks and Christie Brinkley strengthening US on the ranking while charming Kate Moss is put another score for England.

Natural beauty is fundamental but there are countries where plastic surgeries are highly common, like South-Korea. Girls often receive plastic surgery from their parents and they start to do surgeries as early as 18 years old. Maybe this is one of the reasons why you can see a high number of beautiful women out there. Their pop bands and actors are also famous on the Asian continent and generally accepted their attractive look. The second famous countries who are famous about their beautiful women from Asia would be the Philippines and Thailand.

From the other side of the world, Canada and the US are not included in our list but on some others they appear, especially Canada is in favor of men. More specifically, Montreal is often mentioned.
How differently beautiful women can be understood in different parts of the world shows that in South-Korea one of the most common plastic surgery is eye size increasing surgery to make them look bigger like western people. Another interesting fact, that while in Europe for example suntanned skin men and women are found more attractive and sexy, in Asia white skin is more desirable and has a classy impression. While you can see browning lotions in shops in Europe, you can find whitening products in Asian markets.

It is interesting to see how women are dressing up and making themselves attractive in different parts of the globe. While in Denmark you can feel more effect of the latest fashion trends and they prefer to follow trends over to attract men with their outfit, in Hungary you can see the opposite attitude in general, where women dress up in order to get male’s attention.

Coming to a conclusion, here is our list of the top 10 countries where you have a high chance to bump into some unforgettable beauties:
Venezuela, Sweden, Brazil, Hungary, Lebanon, Argentina, India, Ukraine, Australia, South-Korea.

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