Is it ok if I want to meet with lesbian singles?

A lot of women have the desire to meet with lesbian singles but not everyone is brave enough to do something about it to make it happen. Nowadays the ever increasing popularity of social media platforms and online dating sites make it happen to connect people easier. Online dating is a great way to meet people who are out of your social circle.

lesbian singles

Thanks to the internet we have access to an enormous amount of information and we can get an insight look into other people’s life. This amazing amount of information and impressions give us a new way of thinking and it helps us to break down bias and prudeness.

There is a thing which is called stimulus threshold. You can think about a song for example which you listen over and over again. First you didn’t like it but after the 20th time you heard in the radio you start to like it or at least you don’t hate it that much as the first time you heard it. When you see or hear the same things over and over again you start to ignore them or just don’t get bothered about it, they become familiar and more accepted as a familiar thing for you. So, where am I coming from? All I want to say is that since we see a lot of sexual impression from the media, especially from social media, we tend to accept the new things easier like gay people or other sexual behaviour. We hear it over and over again and since it becomes familiar we don’t have that strong “No” reaction to those things. This results in a more open mindset, and I believe as we can see things as an accepted way of behaving by the society we become more open for it, and boom the desire just borns in you. I believe this is why we have more and more women who are not lesbians but still are curious and want to meet lesbian singles just to try how is it.

Some people might want to hide these desires or thoughts, but I think we can hear a lot that being curious towards the same-sex is kind of a normal curiosity. Being curious doesn’t mean you are a lesbian and it can happen that once you are ready for an action you realize that the real attraction is not there, so you stop it from happen.

My opinion is that we are privileged to live in a world which has become more and more open and if you don’t try things out which you are interested in, you kind of miss something. I would go that far to say that it is a shame. I need to say it right away that there is one serious role though. It can’t hurt others. Giving us the freedom to do whatever we want assume a level of maturity to know what is good and wrong (and by knowing what is good or wrong I don’t mean that if your mother would be upset about it then you shouldn’t do it). So here we are, arriving to the answer of the question; if it is ok to meet single lesbians. Of course it is ok.

Do you know why lesbians and women having sex with women are more accepted than man with man? I am asking because I have no idea. If you know let us know. But seriously, obviously when men think about two women pleasing each other they say it is beautiful. If two men do something similar heterosexuals say “oh no”. Maybe because being gentle and sensual is an attribute of women and if a man is acting sensual like a woman they feel it is unacceptable and sensual goes to sensitive which they convert to weakness.

Just to wrap up a little bit. If you want to meet lesbian singles go for it. It can happen that you are just after a series of bad break ups with guys and you just feel disgusted by them. Technology is on your side and you can start lesbian dating through online dating websites. You don’t need to worry about filtering women based on their sexual interest if you choose to register to a lesbian online dating site where only single lesbian women belong to the community.

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